Bryan Cowsert: Not your father’s country music

Where rock meets country, usually a very special sound is born. Bryan Cowsert has landed right in the middle of this union. With rocking political songs like Uncle Sam, he shifts gears into a white knuckle ride of rock and country mix. The “American Soldier” started with drums in the fourth grade and while enlisted continued his music with some of the guys on base. After the military, Bryan joined up with an old cohort and became a member of Dreemwich. And years later, he heard the Nashville lights calling and decided to take on the “Music City”. Bryan says, “I enjoyed the energy and emotional life messages from the music.”

Thereafter, he started writing country songs and finding ways to incorporate all his musical experiences into it. And now Bryan is setting precedent in the Black Label Country scene with a smooth groove and a raunchy guitar that is definitely not your father’s country music.


One Response to “Bryan Cowsert: Not your father’s country music”

  1. Tim Jenkins Says:

    Awesome insight my man. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

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