Never Say Never by Pap McCleery

I know, I know, I know…never say never. So many of my friends, both here and virtual have heard me repeatedly say over the past year and 4-months that I was finished forever with the band scene. I would then espouse a litany of reasons…reason which made perfect sense to me all that time. I will not eat those words except for the part that I would never do the band thing again. Obviously something came along to male me rethink the finality of never. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to that reason. Meet Bryan Cowsert.

A few weeks ago I received a friend request from a young performer in Colorado. I added him and checked out his site. As I read his bio and learned of his metal rocking background Kevin Fowler immediately came to mind. Kevin’s background has not carried over one whit into his succes as one of Texas’ top country artist. I am a huge fan of Fowler. I was expecting something similar when I started listening to Bryan’s work. Woah…Was I wrong. The country was definitely there, but it was beautifully wrapped in his hard rocking background and I was captivated.

Sending off an e-mail to Bryan, I told him if he was ever in Texas and in need of a bassist to give me a call. I was surprised when his return response stated he was about to relocate to Texas and he was most definitely interested in talking to me. In these few short weeks we have talked many times and with each contact we learn more and more that we are on the same page with our music philosophy. I have started talking to several great players who have checked Bryan out and now they are real interested in taking an up close look at this unique twist to country. All of this has just furthered my belief in synchronicity…that there are no accidents in any meeting we have at anytime in our life path be it a grouchy cashier or a lifetime soul mate. All come at the right time in this perfectly ordered universe because they have something to teach us or something we need. Apparently this was exactly what I needed to get back to the passion of my youth…music.

Bryan and I agreed that we are going to launch this and not come onto stage as a start up band. I am thinking that it will probably be this spring before we go before the public. I have no doubt Texas will embrace this style just as it has welcomed so many greats from across state lines and who have been so important in creating this awesome Texas sound like Jerry Jeff Walker, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Reckless Kelly, Jason Boland, Ray Benson, Mickey and the Motor Cars and so many more. When Bryan asked me if I thought his style would be accepted I told. “Yes, make no apologies for being different, don’t look back and they will come.”

Watch for future blogs and I will share from the very beginning what is going on and where we are in getting airborne.

Please go check out Bryan’s site, send him a friend request and get ready fro some great music coming your way a short piece down the road.

Love and Peace


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