Review-The Highway

The Highway, by Bryan Cowsert 

 “The more reflective and gentler side of BC  this is a summer road song, just the thing to listen to in your car while driving along.

 It starts with an unplugged “porch picking” feel of Just Bryan on vocals and acoustic guitar, then @ 0:32 the drums and rest of the band kick in to drive this track along nicely.

On this track look out for:

* That acoustic guitar solo @ 1:37, simple but effective. No flashy techniques, but it does fit precisely as it should as the notes allow the song to keep on moving. It takes a good player to know when to hold back and play less!

* I love that vocal phrase “where will you go…etc” at this point Bryan’s voice changes to what I can only describe as a “keaning yearning” quality; that’s full of the dark lonesome aspect of the highway stretching on. Kind of like the ghosts of that high and lonesome sound (Bill Monroe bluegrass) had popped in to give a gentle nudge. You’ll have to listen to this to appreciate what I mean.

Knowing Bryan and the rest of his band, this one will grow and develop as they tour this summer.”

Reviewed 2 June 2011, by Louis J. Casson, poet & lyricist


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