Bryan Cowsert-Texas Rock………

“The category of “Texas Rock” is an excellent fit with Bryan’s musical work. Listening to a number of Bryan’s tracks it’s clear:- * Bryan has highly developed musician skills on both electric and acoustic guitar. Vocals to an equally high standard. * He’s adept at a number styles, ballads, hard county, rock. (by turns hi energy, or gentle) When you are most definately not a “one trick pony” (and clearly Bryan is not) the overall category of your music can be hard to place. Closest match I have in mind is (strangely?) Johnny Winter: i.e music played with a lot of feel and emotion, but with a good dash of that slightly rowdy gritty feel, unique to the Lone Star state. (Loud? It can be. Will you love it? Yes!)” March 24, 2011 John Casson (Consultant Coach at John Casson Consulting ) worked with Bryan at Byan Cowsert – John Casson, Linkedin Website (Mar 24, 2011)


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